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We are committed to fostering a community of faith, service, and growth at Highland Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church Ministries. Explore our diverse ministries catering to various aspects of spiritual, physical, and communal well-being.
Join us in the vibrant tapestry of Seventh Day Adventist Ministries, where each ministry contributes to our community's collective growth and flourishing. Let's journey towards a deeper connection with God and a more meaningful life together.


Adventist Community Service:

Embodying the spirit of compassion, our Adventist Community Service ministry is dedicated to serving the needs of our local community. Through various outreach programs, we extend a helping hand to those in need, reflecting the love of Christ through practical acts of kindness.

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Adventurer Club:

Nurturing the young hearts with curiosity and wonder, our Adventurer Club is designed for our youngest members. This ministry provides a platform for children to explore their faith, develop life skills, and build lasting friendships in a safe and supportive environment.

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Health Ministry:

Our Health Ministry emphasizes the holistic well-being of individuals. Promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health, we offer resources, education, and events that encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Join us in the journey towards optimal well-being.

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Men's Ministry:

The Men's Ministry is a fellowship of men committed to growing in faith, character, and leadership. Through mentorship, Bible studies, and community projects, we aim to empower men to fulfil their roles in families, workplaces, and the church with strength, integrity, and purpose.

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Pathfinders Club:

Adventure awaits in our Pathfinders Club! Geared towards youth, this ministry focuses on developing leadership skills, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of their faith. From outdoor excursions to community service projects, Pathfinders embrace the journey of discovery and growth.

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Women's Ministry:

The Women's Ministry is a space for women to connect, grow, and make a difference. Through fellowship, study groups, and service projects, we empower women to strengthen their relationship with God, support one another, and positively impact their families and communities.

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