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Frequently Asked Questions



WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT WHEN ATTENDING CHURCH SERVICE? Our services tend to last 2 hours. Since you may meet a few new people and want to chat, plan some additional time. For the Adult Sabbath School Guide, visit. https://www.adultbiblestudyguide.org/
HOW DO I VIEW SERVICE ONLINE? Our services are streamed online via Youtube for those unable to join us in person. If you want to get a notification and view some of our previous services, subscribe to our Youtube channel. Visit our Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/@HHSDA
WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Many of our members wear formal attire. Feel free to wear traditional clothing if this is what you are more comfortable wearing. A relaxed version of formal attire is suitable as well. For men, that means eliminating ties and swapping suits for slacks, button-downs, and blazers. While for women, knee-length skirts, dresses, smart slacks, and blouses are great choices.
WHERE DO I PARK? As you approach the church, you enter right through the front gates. You have a few different options as you pull into the parking lot. You can park immediately; Accessible Parking Spots are right up front. If you have people you need to drop off, or there is in-climate weather, feel free to pull up alongside the curb near the front entrance, drop them off then park. Parking is available on the sides and back of the church.
IS THERE ANYTHING FOR KIDS/ We want to provide your child a safe, fun, Christ-centered place to learn and grow. Every Sabbath, we have an age-appropriate Bible study for children before Service. For more child-based activities, explore our Adventure and Pathfinder Clubs.
DO YOU HAVE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR NURSING MOMS? First, we'd like to say Congratulations on your bundle of joy! We understand that taking an infant to church can be challenging,e and we want to make it as easy as possible. Feel free to utilize our nursery room located right outside our sanctuary. You can still enjoy the Service through our audio speakers while you feed or comfort your child.
WHAT IS YOUR MUSICAL SELECTION? A majority of our music is selected from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. Click here for a complete list of songs with lyrics.